• Proof of ownership – always keep invoices and or instruction manuals of electrical appliances, furniture, expensive clothing like leather jackets and fur coats, jewellery, camera’s and IMEI numbers of cell phones – even if cell phones are not specified they are covered under contents and the insurer will want this invormation if they are stolen out of the house or any other place where the client temporarily resides like hotels, hospitals etc.;
  • Make sure that valuation certificates for jewellery are not older than 2 years;
  • Always make sure that items inside a vehicle are locked away when the vehicle is left unattended.
  • Where there is alarm warranty on policies, make sure that the alarm is activated even if you are just going to be away from your premises for a few minutes.
  • In the case of a Motor Accident, always ensure that you take your vehicle to an approved Panel Beater to obtain a Quote, so that there will be a guarantee on the wok done should anything go wrong.  If not taken to an approved Panel Beater, the additional repairs would be for the client’s account.
  • Burglars prefer premises with high solid walls and lots of trees and plants as nobody form the outside can see what they are up to. Burglars see electric beams, electric fencing and small dogs that are kept inside the house as a deterrent. Burglars tend to target homes with alarm systems more often between 6pm and 9pm because that is when people are at ease, watching TV  etc. and  the   alarms  are usually not acitvated.