• Welcome to Rhed Oliv Insurance Brokers

    Although insurance can be traced back almost to the first time ships carried cargo, insurance as we know it really began in a coffee shop in London in 1688. Lloyd’s Coffee Shop had earned a reputation as being the spot where mariners could pick up reliable shipping information. These sea-faring folk soon began sharing shipping risks, and insurance was born. Key for us here at Rhed Oliv is this reputation for reliable information. In today’s environment of confusing TV advertising, it is refreshing to find reliable advice centred purely on clients’ requirements. You won’t find a call centre or an inexperienced ‘adviser’ reading a sales pitch off a teleprompter screen.

    In keeping with the tradition established by Edward Lloyd all those years ago, a visit to our offices will result in you being offered a cup of quality coffee (or even something a little stronger) and receiving a thorough evaluation of your requirements by one of our insurance experts. Since our establishment in 1997, Rhed Oliv has earned a reputation for reliable advice and solid relationships with our clients.

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